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Course administration and rules

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Course outline

Syllabus PowerPoint slides
Review material  

Mechanisms and reactions

Substitution Reactions Addition Reactions
Elimination Reactions Rearrangements
Functional Group Synthesis - CHEM 261 Functional Group Reactions - CHEM 261
Functional Group Synthesis - CHEM 263 Functional Group Reactions - CHEM 263

Problem solving and collaborative learning

Problem solving labs Collaborative learning
Lab Home Page  

Examinations and problem sets

  Past exams
CHEM 261 Problem Sets CHEM 261 Problem Sets - Answers
CHEM 263 Problem Sets CHEM 263 Problem Sets - Answers

Textbook sites

Solomons & Fryhle: Organic Chemistry A Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

Other useful sites

Bear Tracks Periodic Table Videos
inChemistry - ACS publication NMR and IR spectral problems
An excellent source of spectra
Music Chemistry Style! Named Reactions
Database of chemical compounds IR Tutorial

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